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WU LIEN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD was established in 1988 as a professional printed circuit board manufacturer, to produce the early days of single and double sided circuit boards based, continuous efforts over the years have invested A lot of money, set up new equipment, continue to upgrade production technology and process capabilities, to meet customers in the United Wu single, double and multilayer boards to any demand for products from the initial single, double panel to the current computer-and Peripheral products, all kinds of electronic products, machinery and equipment, required for plywood as the main product lines, and developed its own method of manufacturing the blind plate

The company's primary goal is to provide customers with high quality products, fast delivery, dedicated service, and Wu together, in addition to continued use of new knowledge and accumulated experience, innovative technology, but also always uphold sincerely treat customers, employees, and promote social prosperity and progress the business philosophy of self-promises. Has been focused on technical skills development and improving the quality of customer service in the face of future competition, betting the company will continue efforts to continuously develop new generation products and technologies to capture market opportunities, ensure that it meets customer needs beyond the Through a plan of action and business synergy to play, but also expect to play well to promote industrial upgrading an important role in the global electronics industry to achieve a common vision for growth.

WULIEN since 1988, has been uphold good faith to treat customers, employees, and we hope that before the customer is a reliable supplier in the hearts of the staff is available An Xinli home life in the country to play a valuable social contribution Persons. Therefore, we work hard, hard work and hope the results will be shared with loved ones and colleagues work hard to share, and business growth is the organizing force of unity and the results of sustainable enterprises would like to thank customers for their support, the consensus of my colleagues, we More than gratitude, will continue its efforts to create higher profits to share staff, contribute to the community