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Maximum dimension of finished product 520mm* 610mm 
Board Thickness Standard 1.6mm +/- 10% 
Minimum Single/Doulbe: 0.2mm +/- 0.05mm
4L: 0.4mm +/-0.1mm
6L: 0.6mm +/-0.1mm
8L: 1.0mm +/- 0.1mm
10L: 1.0mm +/- 0.12mm
12L: 1.2mm +/- 0.12mm
Maximum 3.2mm +/- 10%
Board Twist < 7/1000
Inner Layer Maximum of Layers 12Layers
Thinnest inner layer of board thickness 0.07mm
Copper claded H/H ,1/1 ,2/2 OZ 
Drilling Minimum of hole diameter 0.1mm
Drilling offest 0.050mm
PTH hole 0.075mm
N-PTH hole 0.050mm
Isolated anular ring 0.127mm
Line wide/space Minimum wide/space of inner layer 2/2 mil
Minimum wide/space of outer layer 2/2 mil
Electric test AOI / Flying Probe YES
Dedicated Tester  Open / Short Hi Voltage Test
Impedance control Single-ended impedance control Tolerance +/- 6%
Differential impedance control Tolerance +/- 6%
Routing Couterboring +/- 0.1mm
CNC +/- 0.1mm
V-Cut +/- 0.1mm
V-Cut angle 20° +/- 10°
Certificate UL E183437
Quality assurance ISO9001